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This process is task based and not time based.  How quickly an individual prospect receives their bottom rocker and full patch will be solely based on how quickly they accomplish each of the tasks defined below.

To receive the bottom rocker of your colors you must first accomplish the following:

1. Fill out an application for full patch membership status and submit one copy to the chapter president and one copy to the Board of Directors.

Share an oral testimony with at least two full patch chapter members of how and when you came to know Jesus Christ as your personal savior.  In the event an oral testimony cannot be heard, a written testimony may be acceptable with the prior approval of the Board of Directors.

Current full patch members must have attended your home church for at least one (1) regularly scheduled service.

4. You must have read all by-laws, standing rules, and other documents pertaining to this ministry as defined by the Board of Directors.

5. Attend a minimum of three (3) fellowship gatherings (breakfasts, rides, etc.).

6. Each prospect will be assigned a current full patch member to serve as their sponsor.  It is the responsibility of the prospect to maintain a minimum of one (1) contact with their sponsor each and every week until they receive their full patch.  Failure to at least attempt to contact your sponsor once (1) per week may prolong your prospecting time.

7. Interview and fill out the member interview form for each and every current full patch member in your chapter.  Interviews should be done in person, but telephone interviews are acceptable as long as the interview form is completely filled out and then signed by the member.  When all current full patch members have been interviewed the interview forms shall be submitted to the prospect’s sponsor.

To receive your full patch you must first accomplish the above requirements and then the following requirements:

1. Attend a minimum of two (2) chapter business meetings

2. Attend and actively participate in setting up, taking down, and working not less than one (1) outreach booth event.

3. Continue to maintain weekly contact with your sponsor.

4. Attend and actively participate in all chapter rides, events, functions, and activities.  Absences with good reason may be excused by your sponsor or the chapter president.
5. Demonstrate a working knowledge of the purpose and mission of HOTC.

6. Make tax-deductible donations totaling at least $150.00 to the Heralds of the Cross™ Motorcycle Ministries, Inc. national organization.  In the event that this is not financially possible, the prospect may request a hearing with the Board of Directors to explain their reasons.  These donations go into a “patch fund” so that we can order more patches for future members when our current supply runs out.

Once all of these conditions have been met, and the prospect’s sponsor is satisfied with the prospect’s progress; the sponsor shall, at a regularly scheduled business meeting, make a motion to accept the prospect as a new full patch member. Upon receiving a unanimous vote of the chapter officers and a majority vote of the full patch chapter members, the prospect will be granted full patch status.

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