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About Us
Our mission is to reach motorcyclists with the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ, through both friendship evangelism and our witness of the love and grace of God, and to encourage other believers in their faith."

Frequently Asked Questions

What are we? Heralds of the Cross™ Motorcycle Ministry is an interdenominational ministry for all types of motorcyclists. We do not discriminate on the basis of denominational affiliation, race, disability, skill level, experience, brand, or style of motorcycle.

Where are you located? Are you a national organization? We were founded in May of 1997. At this time we are a small but growing ministry that is based out of the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. As God leads and provides we will expand this ministry to include other areas. We do not believe that God has put any physical/geographical limits on this ministry.

What is your purpose? We have several: First, we are an evangelistic ministry, coming together for the purpose of spreading the good news of eternal life through Jesus Christ to the world, but especially to other motorcyclists since we share a common interest.  Second, we provide fellowship with other Christian motorcyclists, working to bring unity to the body of believers in Jesus Christ, and encouraging all believers to grow in their faith.

Do you have a mission statement? Yes, our mission statement is as follows: "Our mission is to reach motorcyclists with the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ, through both friendship evangelism and our witness of the love and grace of God, and to encourage other believers in their faith."  

What exactly do you believe? What are your statements of faith? In general our beliefs fall within mainline conservative Christian beliefs. For a complete and specific listing of our Statements of Faith please see our Statement of Faith page.

Do I have to be a member to ride with you? No. In fact, we encourage you to come check us out before you make any decisions about prospecting for membership. Any and all of our meetings, rides, and events are open to anyone who would like to come by and check us out.

What kind of rides and events do you have? All kinds; everything from having ministry outreach booths at local bike events to attending charity rides and having our own social rides.  please see the ride and event schedule.

When and where do you meet? Each chapter has its own meeting/event dates and locations. Please contact us and we will have a member contact you.

Do I have to own a Harley to join? No, we are open to any and all brands, types, and styles of motorcycles. Our current members own a variety of bikes - everything from Hondas to Harley-Davidsons. Jesus did not discriminate against people for their possessions, and neither do we. We are very interested in adding members who ride sport bikes, sidecars, scooters, off-road bikes, and quads.

Do I have to own and operate my own motorcycle to be a member? No, we do not require that you own or operate your own motorcycle to be a full member; many of our members are open and willing to take passengers on rides. However, if you do not own and operate your own bike, a ride to a specific event may or may not be available for you. All passengers wishing to ride to a specific event should arrange a ride with someone who does own and operate their own bike prior to showing up to the event, as passenger space will not be guaranteed. Also, it is important to remember that as comfort level, personal views, and riding skill level are not the same with every rider, some riders may not be comfortable taking a passenger or may not wish to take a passenger. Therefore, just because a bike has an empty passenger seat it should not be assumed that it is available for a passenger.

Do you charge any membership fees or dues? No, our ministry is supported 100% by member donations, gifts, and fund-raisers. We believe that as long as we are doing God's will He will provide for all our financial needs.

Okay, so I am interested in the Heralds of the Cross Motorcycle Ministry. How do I get involved? First, contact us and let us know that you are interested. E-Mail us at Heralds@heraldsofthecross.org Provide us with your mailing address or e-mail address and we will put you in contact with a member nearest you.


The Heralds of the Cross™ Motorcycle Ministry is an outreach organization.  Although we do participate in social events and rides, that is not our primary focus.  We understand that not everyone can commit to the amount of time and energy necessary to be a full patch member, so we also offer an Associate Membership program for those who want to be involved but cannot commit to the minimum requirements associated with being a full patch member.